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Write For Us (Mental Health, Addiction and Drug Site Opportunity)

Looking for a new writing opportunity? Want to write for us? Then take a look at this page, find out what it is that we look for and then get ready to send your applications in.

Before you go any further we ask that you read the guidelines below. 90% of the submissions that we get are from people who skip all of this text, go right to the submission form and then submit something that goes against the rules listed below. Because of this, we can’t accept those entries and have to delete them immediately. If we know that you haven’t read these terms then we know that you haven’t appreciated what we do, who we are and what we want.

Also, we try to make the effort to read each submission that comes our way, so in return, please take the time to return the favor and read these rules:

Write For Us: What We’re Looking For

  • Only Send Relevant Content: If you’re not sure what is relevant, take a look at the site. We publish guides, personal reports and wikis on drugs, substance abuse, treatments and mental illness. We do not accept anything else and can not post your celebrity stories or your sports articles (yes, we get a lot of these).
  • 1,300+ Words: The vast majority of the content we get is only 500 to 800 words. That’s no good to us. If you take a look around the site you will see that most articles are over 1,500 words and all of them are over 1,000 words. We can’t publish anything less and don’t want to rewrite your articles, so please submit pieces above this word count.
  • Guest Posts: We understand that the vast majority of people submitting articles will be looking for guest posts. We are freelance writers ourselves, so we know how this industry works. Please don’t try to hide it from us. Be upfront about the guest post and the link. If it’s low quality it will not be accepted under any circumstances. If it is a high quality link and the article follows the guidelines, we will consider it.
  • Formatting: Please use block paragraphs. Do not double space and do not include images. You should also refrain from using links that are not of a high quality. You may include a bio if you are writing a personal experience report as opposed to a guide.
  • Original: We can not repost articles that have been posted anywhere else. All articles will be put through a plagiarism checker upon receipt. It’s one of the first things we do and it means that stolen content will show up straight away. So, please keep it original.


We can not respond to all Write For Us submissions. There are far too many and because many just don’t fit the guidelines, we often have to discard a lot straight away. If you don’t hear from us within 2 weeks, feel free to use the article elsewhere as it means we will not be using it. If we do want to work with you then we will respond within that time.

Please refrain from getting in touch to ask about the status of your article. We can’t respond to such queries as we only use this contact form to accept submissions and to then sort through these submissions.

Also, please refrain from using the other contact pages on the website to ask us about this. A different editor handles the other contact form and can therefore not give you the status of your article even if they wanted to.

What Happens to Addictive Addiction Writers

If we think that you are a good fit then we will get in touch and take things from there. It may be that you only want a single article to be published. It may be that you want to write for us full time. Whatever the reason you’re getting in touch, we will ask you to agree to a few things and we will go from there.

You may be asked to write pieces; you may be asked to volunteer your own pieces. We do not dish out contributor accounts though, so please do not apply if your goal is to use this as a guest post blog on a regular basis.

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