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Terms and Conditions

The terms on this page concern Addictive Addiction and its readers. The terms under which the site operates are all listed below. These effect you, the reader, as well as the owners, editors, readers and designers of the Addictive Addiction website.

General Terms

As a content site the goal of Addictive Addiction is to educate and inform as best we can. We do not sell a product, we do not offer a service. However, we may link to other sites that do, as explained further down this page.

As a content site we make money by linking to other websites, by recommending services and products, and by offering accurate advice and information in a presentable and entertaining way.


There are few reasons that we would request your personal information. And when we do, it’s only a simple email address sent through one of the site’s contact forms. This may change in the future, but even when we do take information from you we will still endeavor to keep it safe and will never let it fall into the wrong hands.

To learn more about our stance on this, what we do with your information and more, just visit our Privacy Policy page.


As a content website we take our articles and all of our other content very seriously. Our team works very hard to ensure that everything on this site is accurate, helpful and completely unique. They put a lot of time and effort into doing this, so we do not take copyright infringement lightly.

Anyone found to be using the content on this site without the written permission of its owners may find themselves the subject of legal action. This applies whether the content has been used in full or in a partial form and it applies to all of the content found on the Addictive Website, including, but not limited to:

  • Written Content: Our guides, posts, articles and opinion pieces are created for this site and this site only. They can not be used without permission under any circumstances.
  • Layouts and Designs: Although many of these come from the public domain, with licenses paid in full when required, there are still occasions when we use original artwork and layouts. In all cases, all content should be assumed to be unique and should be treated as such.
  • More: Anything that carries a copyright and is trademarked to Addictive Addiction may not be copied, edited, quoted or used in full anywhere else.

There are some exceptions to the above rules. We may allow the partial use of some of our content if there is a genuine reason for us to do so. However, the reasons need to be reviewed beforehand and permission needs to be given as well. So, if you wish to use any content, for whatever reason, then please get in touch with us.

Responsibility and Care

At Addictive Addiction we believe that we have a duty of care to our readers. This is why we always try to make sure that the information we provide is accurate. However, there may be occasions when this information is incorrect, whether because it is out of date or because the writer and/or editor has made a mistake.

As a content site created to educate and entertain, we can take no responsibility for anything that happens as a result of this inaccurate information. We work under the assumption that our readers are responsible adults that will always put their own safety first. We also stress that while we are often unbiased, this does not mean we endorse the use of any drugs.

At Addictive Addiction we want to inform in a way that is honest and genuinely insightful, but we always warn against the dangers of abuse and addiction and we ask that our readers understand these dangers as well.

It’s also important to note that Addictive Addiction is not a rehab clinic; it is not staffed by qualified psychiatrists and counsellors and it makes no suggestion to the contrary. We’re writers who have had problems with addiction, abuse and mental illness; we are researchers and editors who have a passion for helping people to stay informed and educated. We are not experts, we are not qualified to help in a direct way, and we make no claims to suggest that we are.

If you are looking for direct help, then we recommend that you see a specialist psychiatrist or counsellor, or that you book into a rehab clinic where you will be treated by people who understand your condition and can recommend a course of treatment.

Third-Party Websites

As mentioned above, Addictive Addiction does not sell a product or a service; it is not a rehab clinic and it does not offer direct support. However, it reserves the right to affiliate with companies and individuals that do offer such services or sell a relevant product. In these cases Addictive Addiction can not take responsibility for anything that happens between a reader of this site and one of those affiliates.

Beyond a simple financial agreement Addictive Addiction has no connection with these sites. We have no access to their accounts, we have no control over the products they sell or the services they offer. So, anything that happens between them and our readers is beyond our control.

Readers should exercise caution when dealing with these sites because while Addictive Addiction will always endeavor to affiliate with companies that can be trusted, we can not be held accountable for any sites that do not fit this type and manage to slip through the net.

Consent and Changes

If you continue to use the Addictive Addiction website after reading these terms then you are automatically giving your consent for everything described herein. If we decide to make changes to these terms, whether in the form of small fixes or significant overhauls, then your consent will continue to be implied for as long as you use the website.

Of course, if you do not agree with one or more terms listed here then you may simply close the Addictive Addiction website down. After doing so, we would appreciate it if you could contact is to let us know what the issue was and what we can do to remedy it. After all, these terms are here to help create a better experience for readers of this website, so if it turns out that those readers don’t agree with them then we will look to make a change.