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Synthetic Weed Withdrawal (Detox, Dangers, Deaths)

Synthetic Weed Withdrawal

Synthetic Weed Withdrawal

Synthetic weed withdrawal are a very real and very difficult thing to deal with. This is one of the most unpleasant withdrawals out there and because of the prevalence of this drug, synthetic weed withdrawal is something that tens of thousands of people are dealing with and many more have dealt with.

In this guide we’ll show you how you can deal with synthetic weed withdrawal, whether it’s Spice withdrawal, K2 withdrawal or something else. Knowledge is power, and in this case knowledge is also therapy.

Safe Alternatives to Spice K2

There are no real safe alternatives to K2 and Spice on the market. You can try the plant materials that they claim to use, but you will quickly discover that these are just not effective. Things like Passionflower and Wild Opium Lettuce have been smoked as marijuana alternatives for decades, but they are not as effective and they just don’t produce the effects that people seek.

However, they can be useful in giving someone who has a Spice addiction something to smoke. The act of smoking something, of feeling the smoke in their lungs and of going through the motions can help with Spice withdrawal and K2 withdrawal. It is not the only thing that they need, but it certainly helps with the process.

You can also just use mild strains of marijuana that you have sourced from a place you trust. Medical marijuana is good for this as it has been sourced from tightly controlled places. The same goes for any weed that comes from a country or state that has legalized the drug.

How to Beat Synthetic Weed Withdrawal

Beat Synthetic Weed Withdrawals

As mentioned above, you can use the real deal to help you get over you synthetic weed withdrawals. It is never wise to swap one drug for another, but in this case marijuana is not addictive and it is rarely dangerous. So, if you can use that to help you stop using a drug that is addictive and is very dangerous, then there’s nothing wrong with it.

You can also use drugs and techniques that target each and every aspect of synthetic marijuana withdrawal. These have been discussed in more detail below:

  • Health Diet: If you drink plenty of water, eat a healthy and balanced diet and avoid too much caffeine, sugar and processed foods, then you can put yourself right on track to beat your synthetic weed withdrawal. This is the first step in kicking your habit, but it is also one of the most important.
  • Avoid Heavy Drugs: Things like alcohol may sound like a good idea, but it can actually make you very sick when you’e going through Spice withdrawal. Certain anti-anxiety drugs and opiates might make you feel better, but it’s easy to get accustomed to using these. And when you consider that they are more dangerous and way more addictive, that’s a really poor trade off.
  • Use Supplements: Valerian can help you to relax and will not cause any addictions. It is a mild, safe drug that can help with sleep. You can also use drugs like 5-HTP, Melatonin and chamomile. All of these are mild and all should be able to help with your synthetic weed withdrawal.
  • Antioxidants: These are powerful and natural ways to clean up your body, make you feel way better and gradually get the drug out of your system. Load-up on berries, tea, vegetables, seeds and nuts. You don’t need to consume vitamin tablets and it’s always better to get you nutrients direct from food.

Synthetic Weed Deaths and Dangers

Synthetic Weed Deaths

There are many synthetic weed dangers, including sudden death. This can happen as a result of an overdose (something that is incredibly rare with actual marijuana) a preexisting condition, and unfortunately, just bad luck. There are dozens of synthetic weed deaths being reported every year around the world.

In 2016 the New York Times reported that there were 33 suspected cases of overdose death in the region. All of these were K2 deaths.. So, if you thought K2 addiction was nothing, then think again.

Synthetic Weed Drug Test

While it is unlikely that synthetic marijuana would show up on a drug test, there are specific drug tests designed to detect Spice, K2 and similar products. These can be widely purchased online as home drug testing kits. They are used by parents and other guardians as a way of checking up on their kids’ activities. They can also be used by any authority that deals with suspected synthetic weed addictions.

These tests are reliable and in many ways they are similar to tests for marijuana. That’s because these two drugs have a similar effect on the body and are also stored in a similar way. Because of the increased use of synthetic weed and the fact that it is becoming a problem in so many regions, synthetic weed drug tests are increasingly in popularity and may even be used by certain companies to test their current and prospective employees.

Is Synthetic Weed Legal?

In some cases, yes. In most cases, no. But this is a grey area in many countries and that’s where the problems arise. In the beginning governments could only ban a single substance. And because different chemicals were bing created every time a previous one was banned, the criminals were getting around the bans quicker than they could be made.

However, the law caught up with them. All preparations of synthetic cannabis began to be banned; people selling and distributing them were punished; and the supply chain was cut. They are still out there, they are still fairly easy to get hold of and there are still many people suffering from Spice addiction, K2 addiction and other synthetic weed addictions. But these are gradually being faded out.

There are populations in certain areas where synthetic weed addictions are more widespread than ever. Such is the case with the UK prison system. It might seem obscure, but many reports suggest that the vast majority of prisoners in this system are addicted to Spice. What’s more, it is also a problem that seems prevalent with the homeless throughout the US and with lower-income areas of both the US and UK.

In many US states it seems to be less of a problem. This is likely because of the availability of medical marijuana.