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Synthetic Weed Addiction (Effects, Is It Addictive? K2, Spice)

Synthetic Weed Addiction

Synthetic Weed Addiction

There is such a thing as synthetic weed addiction. In fact, because there are many types there is technically such a thing as Spice addiction, K2 addiction and more. They can all cause withdrawals, they have all triggered a large number of deaths worldwide and they are all incredibly dangerous.

Despite this, people continue to use these drugs. From the UK to the US there are reports of these drugs being used in sizable quantizes and of people dropping dead from overdoses, excessive use and more.

In this guide to synthetic marijuana we’ll put synthetic weed addiction in the spotlight. We’ll ask and answer the questions that you want to know about. In the process we hope to better inform so that people can stay away from this dangerous substance.

What is Synthetic Weed?

Synthetic weed is basically just a combination of chemicals that are sprayed onto plant materials. The chemicals are all based around THC, the main psychoactive component of marijuana. They are artificially produced chemicals that were initially created for research purposes and were then sold to consumers via products like Spice and K2.

Since the beginning these manufacturers have been in a constant battle with the law. They have been banned, outlawed and castigated, but they have always found a way to sell their product and to keep countless people addicted all over the world.

History of Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic Marijuana Addiction
One of the first synthetic weeds to hit the market was a product called Spice. Back then it was marketed as a mixture of powerful herbs and plants that produced a marijuana-like high and were completely legal. These plants really produced the stated effects and synthetic weed became hugely popular as a result.

There was a lot of rumor concerning these products, with many suggesting that they were sprayed with some form of chemical and others insisting that they just managed to get the composition right. It sounded like a conspiracy, but it was all true. They were being sprayed with synthetic cannabinoids that had been made in a lab years earlier.

These chemicals include JWH-018 and JWH-073, chemicals that produced weed-like highs, but also came with a host of side effects. When this was discovered, the gears were set into motion and before long synthetic weed became an illegal substance. Prior to this it had been available all over the world in online and offline head-shops. You could even buy it in gas stations and it was cheap.

After this it was illegal and the chemicals were banned. However, more synthetic cannabis brands cropped up and they simply sprayed different chemicals onto the plant materials. These were all synthetic cannabinoids and they all produced strong effects, but because they had recently been discovered, they were technically not legal.

Before long, even these became illegal in most countries.

Is Synthetic Weed Addictive?

Whether you call it synthetic marijuana, Spice, K2, Mojo or something else, synthetic weed is addictive. Spice addiction, Mojo addiction, K2 addiction and other synthetic weed addiction types are all very real, very dangerous and very hard to deal with. They should not be taken lightly and anyone suffering from synthetic cannabis addiction needs all the support they can get.

That’s because synthetic weed withdrawal is a real thing. It lasts for up to a week, it can be as uncomfortable and painful as codeine withdrawal and it has both a mental and a physical effect. Spice withdrawal and other synthetic marijuana withdrawals can make the user feel weak. It can damage their appetite and their sleeping patterns. It can cause digestive stress, cravings, breathing problems, increased heart-rate, and so much more.

The good news is that while going cold turkey from synthetic weed addiction is not pretty or comfortable, it is much more preferable to consuming these dangerous drugs on a daily basis. In fact, to anyone weaning themselves off a synthetic weed addiction we would always recommend that they taper with genuine marijuana as opposed to synthetic marijuana. At least you know what you’re getting and at least marijuana won’t cause any serious addiction or withdrawal symptoms in the short-term.

Effects of Synthetic Weed

Effects of Synthetic Weed

The effects of synthetic weed are very similar to cannabis, albeit with a few major differences. It can make the user hungry, it can give them a sense of euphoria and sedation. It can make them more creative, while also making them more interested in simple things. There are a few key differences, including the severity of these feelings and the fact that synthetic weed causes withdrawals in heavy users.

However, this all depends on the brand being used and on the chemicals that are sprayed on the product. These have slight differences. Some may trigger less of a high; some may cause more withdrawal symptoms; some may be stronger. The problem with using synthetic pot is that there is no telling which one you are getting. It’s something that the brands are not very open about and because they change all of the time, you can’t even be sure that one brand will remain the same from one batch to the next.

What is in Synthetic Weed?

There are many different plants and extracts in synthetic cannabis, but these early have an effect and there is a serious doubt as to whether they are actually in there or not. The thing that causes all of the effects and the problems are the synthetic cannabinoids. These are chemicals that are derived from THC and other chemicals found in cannabis.

They play on the same receptors in the body and chemically, they are very similar. However, they are not the same drug and they are not absorbed by the body in the same way. This is why they cause different, but similar, effects. It’s also why there are so many withdrawal symptoms and addiction problems. The fact that they are highly concentrated also makes things worse.

How to Make Synthetic Weed

Make Synthetic Weed

In the early days many people tried to make their own synthetic marijuana by combing the plant materials that were listed on the back of the packets. Needless to say, they were not successful in producing the same product. That’s because they are all sprayed with synthetic chemicals made in labs.

Unless you have advanced chemistry skills and the necessary equipment, you can’t make these yourself. And quite frankly, you shouldn’t try. As soon as these drugs became illegal they lost their appeal for many. That’s because marijuana is often seen as the better drug. It’s safer, it’s more natural and there is more of a guarantee that you’re getting what you’re buying.

We don’t advocate drug use in any form, but even we agree that there is just no point in consuming something so potentially dangerous and something that causes so many side effects when you can get the real deal.

Synthetic Weed Names

There are many forms of synthetic marijuana out there. These range from the very first, Spice, to the later products. These are often packed into small packets of 3.5 grams or 1/8th of an ounce. They are brightly colored, they often smell and taste sweet and they are labelled as being “not for human consumption”.

K2 Synthetic Weed

K2 became so popular that it is often used as a generic term for synthetic pot, along with synthetic pot brands like Spice, which is discussed below. It was one of the strongest on the market and the one that found itself at the center of the debate and the law changes.

Spice Synthetic Weed

This was the very first synthetic cannabis brand. In the early days, before people realized what they were buying, there was just one brand. As people caught on, the company finally stopped pretending and they started selling more potent versions, sprayed with more chemicals. These including Spice Gold, Spice Diamond and Spice Platinum.

Mojo Synthetic Weed

Mojo is one of the newer drugs, having hit the market and the public conscience in 2016. It is also one of the strongest and is at the forefront of synthetic weed addiction stories. Many claim to have a “Mojo addiction” (which is less fun than it sounds) and while this has been dismissed by other drug users, this really is an addictive drug and one that should not be taken lightly.