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Privacy Policy

The terms on this relate to Addictive Addiction, represented by its owners, writers, editors and designers, and to the privacy of you, the reader. If you have any further questions regarding the way we operate or the way your information is collected and stored, then please contact us using the details linked at the bottom of this page.

What Information We Collect

Because we do not sell a product or a service, there is no occasion in which we will request any sensitive personal information or any financial information of any kind.

If you choose to get in touch with us via our contact forms then you will need to give us a name and an email address. If you choose to apply to write for us then you will also need to include a little biography and a writing sample. We also reserve the right to create newsletters, competitions and other media that will benefit the site but will require no more than very basic information from our readers.

What We Do With Your Information

In the case of contact forms we use the basic information you send us to reply to your message. We need your email address so we know where to direct a reply and your name so we know who to address it to. Where our Write For Us submissions are concerned we use your information to evaluate your abilities as a writer and to determine if you are a good fit for this website or not. If we determine that you are a good fit then we will also enter into a further agreement with you.

If we choose not to use your writing sample, your biography or any material that you send to us, then this will either be kept in storage until a time when we require a new writer and are ready to evaluate again, or they will be deleted immediately. In either case the content will not be used without your permission and it will also not be sold, traded or given away for marketing purposes.


Addictive Addiction uses Google Analytics and other basic analytic services to check who is using the site and to determine what demographics they fit into, where they are located, and what parts of the Addictive Addiction website they are using.

This information is gathered and stored by a third party and is therefore out of our control. However, the owners of Addictive Addiction will never personally sell or give away this content and will ensure it only remains accessible to a small number of editors/developers that help to keep the site operational.

These analytics will use information on you that is already available to Google, such as your age and sex, as well as your rough geo-location. The rest of the information concerns your activity on the site, as well as the way that you found the site, the length of time that you remained on it, and the pages that you viewed when you were there.

Our Affiliates and Sponsors

At Addictive Addiction we work with ad agencies and sponsors in order to pay the bills and ensure that the content keeps on coming. This is important for us as there is no other means by which the site can cover costs.

These affiliates are carefully selected and we only look to use a small number of ads so that the pages are not overloaded and our readers can still enjoy a pleasant, clean and simple browsing experience. These sponsors range from Google Ads, who choose a series of ads based on each individual user’s tastes and preferences; and affiliates, who have either paid to place their banners on our site or are offering us payment in exchange for activity.

In all cases, Addictive Addiction does not have any access to these sites beyond that basic affiliation. We do not control their products or their services. We can not access their finances and we can not control their interaction with customers, even if those customers are sent from the Addictive Addiction website.

Also, all of these sites operate with their own privacy polices and terms. So, readers leaving the Addictive Addiction website for one of these affiliates should immediately seek those individual policies before going any further.


We beleive that cookies are safe and that they are essential to help readers get more from a content site such as this one. As a result, cookies are in use throughout the Addictive Addiction site and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

If you do not agree with their use then they are easily stopped and you can still benefit from this site without them. As a content site, we are not interested in your location or anything else that these files focus on. We simply use them to find out where you have been and how long you have spent on those pages.

This allows us to better hone our site’s content towards our readers. It also helps you to get more from this site. Cookies will tell you which articles you have read so that you don’t end up reading them twice. They will basically act as a bookmark and an index, while providing the site’s operators with essential information needed to improve the site.

Consent and Changes

By acknowledging these terms and continuing to use the Addictive Addiction website you are automatically giving your content for each and every term described herein. If we decide to make any changes to these terms, be they big or small, then we reserve the right to do so without any prior consent or warning. In those cases your consent continues to be implied if you continue to use the website.

Should you disagree with one or more of these terms then you may simply close the Addictive Addiction site down. In those cases we ask that you get in touch with us first to let us know what the issue was. Only then can we work to create a site that better benefits you and the rest of our readers.

You can use the Contact Page to get in touch and let us know what the issue was.