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PCP Overdose, Dangers and Abuse (Hidden in Other Drugs, Interactions, More)

PCP Dangers

Can you overdose on PCP? What are the dangers and abuse potential for PCP? Is it the worst drug in the world and are the stories about the psychosis and craziness true? They are commonly asked questions and ones we will look to answer here.

In our main guide to PCP, AKA Angel Dust, we briefly touched upon the stories of PCP abuse and PCP overdoses. We talked about the issues that have followed this drug around since it was first introduced and we mentioned how many addicts there are. In this guide we’re going to ramp up the warning a little more and discuss just how dangerous this chemical is.

We don’t make a habit of warning you away from recreational drugs. We’re here to advise and to be neutral, not to be part of the problem. But when it comes to this particular drug, we can’t escape the fact that a lot of the stories and experiences are extremely negative and that even as an occasional drug it is very dangerous.

PCP Drug: One of the Worst?

Many people who grew up around drug culture in the 90s and 2000s came to demonize PCP, or at the very least to revere it. Especially if they lived outside of the United States. In an age before “Bath Salts” and Synthetic Weed stories dominated the media, with tales of cannibalism and the like, it was all about PCP. We spoke to someone who grew up taking marijuana, MDMA, cocaine and sedatives during the early 2000s (in the UK).

“But I would never touch PCP,” he told us. “It wasn’t really available where I lived anyway, but we all knew about and we were all scared of it. I don’t know how true they are, but we heard stories of guys ripping their own eyes out, jumping from tall buildings and even trying to hack their hands off”.

As our man theorized, many of the stories about PCP were just that. However, there have been some real cases of abuse, extreme violence and other bizarre incidents because of PCP. it seems that this drug does something to the mind that other drugs don’t and that’s why it has the reputation that it has.

We wouldn’t go to far as to say that PCP was the worst drug around, because there are drugs that can mess you up in a similar way. But it certainly has the potential to be dangerous and to trigger extreme psychosis.

PCP Abuse?

PCP Overdose
The majority of people who use this drug are between the ages of 18 and 25 and most are men. PCP use is fairly uncommon outside of the United States, but inside it is said that as many as 2.4% of the population has used the drug at one point in their lives.

PCP addiction is in decline and even occasional use is dropping. It seems that Angel Dust has fallen out of popularity with youngsters all over the world, with other drugs taking its place. It was more popular in the 200s than it was in the 90s, but since 2010 use has dropped further.

In many countries outside the US, including the UK and much of Europe, PCP is very rare and even the most experienced and experimental drug users report to having never used it or encountered it.

Can you Overdose on PCP?

The threat of an Angel Dust overdose is very real and very unpleasant. Anyone who suspects they have overdosed on PCP should seek immediate medical attention. This drug can and does kill and it can take just 100mg to do that. In fact, an extremely large dose is considered to be one that is just 200mg, with doses of around 1mg and 2mg being common in recreational users.

There are many concerns where a PCP overdose is concerned. The first is that it’s not always easy to judge the amount that you are taking. You have to be very careful when measuring this out, because the slightest mistake could result in a massive overdose and it can be difficult to gauge the dose using certain methods of ingestion.

What’s more, you’re not always guaranteed to get pure PCP. If you are used to getting it in a tainted or diluted form then you may be used to taking higher doses, and if you then end up with pure PCP, that higher amount could be enough to trigger an overdose.

Can a PCP Overdose be Reversed?

Many overdoses can be reversed to an extent and that applies to PCP. But by the time the user makes it to the hospital it is often too late and irreversible damage is usually done. This damage takes place in the brain and even if the user survives they could experience a number of issues for the rest of their life.

It can limit the supply of oxygen, effectively killing off the brain bit by bit. It can also trigger seizures and may cause conditions that leave the user experiencing seizures intermittently where there were none before.

These issues are common in overdose, but they are also common in abuse, which is one of the reasons PCP addiction is so dangerous. So, if you’re suffering from PCP addiction yourself, it’s time to bite the bullet and kick this craze to the curb.

PCP Dangers

PCP Abuse

We have already discussed some of the dangers of Angel Dust, but as well as the propensity for violence and wild acts, the user may also have strong suicidal tendencies, dangerous delusions and extreme paranoia. It can feel like an extreme psychosis and once you’re under there is no way of coming out. That’s why so many wild things happen to people when they use Angel Dust.

Of course, we’re not in the business of perpetuating drug myths and it should be known that this doesn’t happen to every user every time. However, the risk is clearly there and as a recreational drug, PCP is very dangerous.

PCP Hidden in Other Drugs

We all remember the stories that used to spread in the 80s, 90s, and indeed throughout most decades—about potentially lethal drugs hidden in otherwise harmless ones. Some of these were just plain stupid, including heroin being hidden in marijuana joints to get the smoker hooked, even though heroin addiction doesn’t happen with one smoke, that’s not the way to smoke heroin and it would be a pointlessly expensive endeavor from the dealer.

However, some of these stories are true. DXM and amphetamine is often used to bulk ecstasy, and there have also been cases of PCP being added to MDMA. That’s one of the reasons ecstasy users now prefer to use clean and pure MDMA.