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Medical Marijuana (CBD Oil, Can It Cure Cancer and Other Benefits)

Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is the term used for weed that is prescribed for medical purposes and is often made and used under strict and controlled conditions. There are a number of things that medical marijuana is said to help with. These range from excessive sickness, vomiting and general malaise, to serious illnesses like terminal cancer (in which case it helps to reduce the pain and discomfort) and HIV.

Medical marijuana is predominantly a painkiller and it is also something that has strong psychological and neurological effects. It has shown a lot of positive results in treating everything from Parkinson’s Disease to Tourettes, Multiple Sclerosis and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The appetite stimulation may also help with eating disorders and with withdrawal from drugs like heroin and alcohol.

The Legality of Cannabis Oil

Legality of Cannabis Oil

If we take the United Kingdom as an example, then marijuana use is illegal. You won’t receive severe punishment if you don’t have a lot of it and you are not growing it or dealing it. But possession of it is still technically a criminal act. However, you can freely buy CBD oil providing it has been created under strict and controlled conditions. And there is a very valid reason for this.

When you press CBD oil from the flowers of the plant then you run the risk of extracting THC as well. This is a problem because THC is illegal and CBD oil is not. So, CBD oil has to be produced in such strict conditions so that the THC content iS less than 0.2%. If it is higher, then the person in possession of the substance is technically breaking the law.

This is confusing and quite frankly it’s stupid. You have something that can do a lot of good, more good than harm, and yet the laws are still very strict. However, it will probably be a matter of time before these laws relax all over the world. If that does happen then it will be because of the benefits of CBD oil and THC in curing all kinds of ailments.

Pros of Medical Marijuana when Smoked

  • Fast acting
  • Easy to prepare
  • Short high, few lasting effects
  • Easily controlled

Cons of Medical Marijuana when Smoked

  • Smoking is unhealthy
  • Not the most cost effective way to use the drug
  • Paraphernalia needed
  • Can cause coughing and sickness
  • May not be possible for people with lung disorders and breathing difficulties

Pros of Medical Marijuana When Eaten

  • Stronger high
  • Lasts for longer
  • Can be added to many different foods
  • More cost effective way of using the drug

Cons of Medical Marijuana When Eaten

  • Can be hard to find an ideal dose to begin
  • Takes longer to make effect
  • Can lead to an overly intense and unexpected high
  • Taste may be unpleasant to some
  • Requires cooking, can lead to a strong smell in the kitchen

How Much is a Gram of Weed / Other Weed Prices

The price you pay for the drug will depend on where you buy it and what strain you purchase. As with anything, you also pay more per gram if you purchase smaller amounts. In a dispensary in a state where marijuana is legal you might pay as much a $60 or $70 for an eighth, which is 3.5 grams.

If you purchase an amount from a street dealer then it is not unheard of to get it for less than $20 an eighth. The dispensaries are always the best place to purchase. So if you must buy some then go for the extra price and the extra quality guarantee.

CBD Marijuana: What is it?

CBD Marijuana

CBD is short for “Cannabidiol” and can also be known as Cannabis Oil or Hemp Oil. It is one of the two main components of marijuana, alongside THC and several smaller chemicals. CBD is increasingly being sought after for its positive effects, even though it doesn’t have the strong psychoactive effects that THC triggers.

When combined with THC CBD works to decrease the negative side effects. It can help to reduce the anxiety and the paranoia, as well as the sickness. As a result, strains that have a high THC to CBD ratio tends to produce more of these negative effects. And when you take out the THC and just use the CBD, you have something that can generally trigger many positive effects.

Cannabis Oil and Cancer

There are a lot of positive reports out there concerning the effects of cannabis oil and the potential it has for curing cancer. We like to keep a neutral stance on this site but it’s important that we express our opinions when we think they can do good, and this is one such time. We firmly believe that there are a lot of benefits for the use of cannabis in curing cancer, helping with neurological disorders and alleviating the suffering of terminally ill patients.

You can’t ignore the facts and those facts show that cannabis oil does help with an array of conditions. Medical marijuana itself might not be the perfect cancer cure or any kind of cure for that matter. But when you focus on CBD and extract that into an oil, you have something that can help with this horrid disease.

Many countries are waking up to these facts and this is all down to the research being done around the world. There is still a long way to go but the future is very bright.

Cannabis Cures Cancer: Or Does it?

Cannabis Cures Cancer

There is nothing guaranteed here, but there is certainly a lot of promise. However, it’s important to note that there is a difference between smoked or edible marijuana and cannabis oil. The former contains a wealth of chemicals and components, ones that can cause positive and negative effects and can make the user feel euphoria. These components are what is needed to cure pain, to take away the shakes of Parkinson’s Disease and to help with other things.

The CBD oil is not something that can be used recreationally. It is not something that triggers any kind of euphoria. But it is something that could help to combat the spread of many different forms of cancer. That’s why cannabis oil (which can be extracted from seeds as well as flowers) is available and legal in many countries that have criminalized cannabis.

How Long Does it take for Marijuana to Leave Your System?

How Long Does it take for Marijuana to Leave Your System?

Weed can stay in your body longer than many other drugs. There are certain tests that are more effective than others, as it stays longer in your hair than you blood, for instance. However, because cannabis has a way of lingering in your body all tests should be effective. To give you an idea of just how effective they are, take a look at the following, describing how long marijuana stays in your body.

Just bear in mind that the following times are a guide. The exact length will depend on the amount that was taken, as well as the method of consumption.

How Long Does Weed Stay in Your Blood?

Marijuana stays in your blood for nearly 350 hours. That’s a lot more than many other popular drugs. It is neatly ten times longer than meth, which itself is 3 times longer than alcohol. As a means of detecting whether a person has consumed in the past week it is perfectly effective, but many drug testers prefer not to take blood.

How Long Does Weed Stay in Your Saliva?

Saliva tests are rarely used to detect marijuana use as they are just not effective enough. It is hard to get an accurate result, it is hard to obtain enough salvia, and they don’t detect use from weeks previous.

How Long Does Weed Stay in Your Urine?

Weed can be detected by a urine test from 5 to 50 days. The former is only if you used once and didn’t use a lot. The latter is if you used a lot and you used it for a long time. It is therefore hard to gauge an exact timeframe without knowing the dosage trends of the individual.

How Long Does Weed Stay in Your Hair?

They can stay in your hair for around 3 months. They use around 1.5 inches of your hair for the test. This is the amount that grows in that time, which is why the period is three months. Because of the efficiency of the test and the ease at which hair is acquired, this is one of the most popular ways to drug test for marijuana.