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Variations of Kratom: Types and Strains (Red, White and Green Vein)

Variations of Kratom

Variations of Kratom

There are many different types of kratom and the one you choose alters the strength of the drug and the type of high that it produces. These varieties differ with regards to the type of strain and the place they originate. If you’re confused by all of these different versions and want an honest, unbiased guide, then keep reading.

Red Vein vs White Vein vs Green Vein

Types of Kratom

The strain of kratom is referred to by the vein (which thread through the middle of the plant) and they all produce slightly different effects. But what are those effects and where do they differ?

You will also notice that some of the are synonymous with certain countries or regions, as described elsewhere on this guide to the varieties of kratom. That’s because certain ones thrive in certain areas, so if you are buying different strains then you are likely getting a mixture of plants grown in different regions.

Green Malay Kratom

Green Malay Kratom is said by some to be the most potent form, but then again, they also say they about other strains. This is a very potent and popular strain though and it is also usually cheaper than Maeng Da.

Kratom Maeng Da

Maeng Da is often said to be the strongest form of kratom available. It produces a mix of effects, increasing the mood and providing some stimulation and relaxation. If we compare this to marijuana, with some strains being indica and others sativa, then Maeng Da would be like a sativa/indica marijuana cross breed. Its name roughly translates to “pimp grade”.

If you are looking for more sedative effects then this might not be the kratom variety for you.

Thai / Red Vein Kratom

Thai kratom is often used synonymously with “red vein kratom” and is therefore called “Red Thai”. It produces relaxing and not energetic effects, but these effects are said to last longer, to have a better effect on mood and to be more effective at alleviating pain than other versions of the drug.

White Vein Kratom

When this plant has a white vein it is usually thought to have more of an energizing effect, lifting the mood and stimulating the body much more than the other strains of kratom do. This is where you will truly note the link between coffee and kratom (the plant is in the same family) and it can be a good substitute for the brown stuff if used in small doses.

Green Vein Kratom

When this plant has a green vein it produces effects somewhere in the middle of the red vein and white vein varieties, both stimulating and calming. It can be said to provide an enjoyable balance between the two extremes, but many users refer to pick a side.

Red Vein Kratom

Kratom that has a red vein is thought to be better at producing a relaxing and sedating effect, helping you to sleep soundly and counteracting conditions such as insomnia and agitation. It is said to be great for unwinding and releasing tension and is more comparable to opioids than the white vein variety.

Bali Kratom

The leaves of Bali kratom are very dark in color and the drug itself produces a high that is said to be very sedative in nature, relaxing and producing a euphoria not unlike the one you will get from weaker opioids and opiates.

It was originally grown in Indonesia on the island of Bali, but it seems that these days it is grown in Borneo, which is still an island and is the third biggest island on earth.

How Kratom is Taken

The most common methods of consumption for all varieties of kratom mentioned above, as well as their pros and cons, have been listed below.

Kratom Capsules

Kratom capsules are often overlooked because the amount required even for a small dose can mean you need to take several capsules at once. There are also some concerns with regards to the method of ingestion, although truth be told it’s really just the same as consuming kratom powder as the capsule will instantly dissolve as soon as it hits your stomach and the hydrochloric acid begins to do its job.

Capsules can be made at home using kratom powder, gelatin (or vegetarian) capsule and capping machine. If you purchase them in capsule form then you will pay more as the process is costlier and more time consuming. Just remember that the kratom needs to be finely ground to make capsules and you should weigh the product first if making it yourself.

Kratom Tea

Versions of Kratom

A tea is typically good method of consuming plants like this. After all, black and green tea comes from the leaf of a plant. However, black tea and green tea is consumed in this way because it tastes great, the same can’t be said for other drugs and this, combined with the fact that you will need to take more, means kratom tea isn’t the best option or the most popular one.

It is a popular option though and the taste isn’t as bad as things like valerian tea, so it might be worth considering. The absorption won’t change, but drinking a tea can be soothing and relaxing in of itself and this helps to ease people into the high.

Kratom Powder

This is probably the best method for consuming kratom. By purchasing the powder you are giving yourself a few options for consumption, the most popular of which is something known as “toss n’ wash”. This involves putting a spoonful in your mouth (weigh it first) and then taking a drink of water/juice to wash it down.

Some users will also wrap it tightly in something like a cigarette paper and then swallow whole. This ensures there is no powdery mess and it means the powder doesn’t touch your tongue and leave an unpleasant taste. But we wouldn’t recommended consuming cigarette paper!

Kratom Extract

The extracts can be found in powder, tea and capsule form. They are merely highly extracted forms of kratom, focusing on the active ingredients and giving you something that requires a smaller dose. Most forms of kratom sold these days are extracts of some kind.

Smoking Kratom

We have heard that kratom can be smoked and there seem to be some users who choose this method. However, it’s not the most effective method and is just not the best way to consume it. You may need to smoke quite a bit to get any effect and you would likely need the whole dried product instead of an extract. You are also susceptible to the heath problems associated with smoking.

Fresh kratom

Fresh kratom is reportedly consumed by users in the areas where this plant is grown. They chew it much like they do with drugs like khat. However, it’s very rarely sold to the general public, nor is it shipped outside of the countries of origin. The dried product is just as effective and it’s also much more practical to store and ship when it is dry.