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Drugs That Can Extend Your Life (Melatonin, Turmeric, Piracetam and More)

Life Extending Drugs

Drugs are bad, we all know that. And if recent studies are anything to go by, then everything from the medications we use to reduce GERD, to recreational drugs and even vitamins are doing us harm. But does this apply to all drugs? Are there any drugs that are healthy, drugs that can prolong our lives?

If these drugs work, then forget about cryogenics and other attempts to reach immortality (see Human Paragon to learn more) because it could be as easy as taking a powder or pill.

Immorality may be a stretch, but we’re not actually asking for that. Surely, though, there are some wonder chemicals out there that have proven to aid with overall wellbeing and to extend our days on this earth?


There are actually many drugs in this category. We have discussed some of these before in our Adrafinil guide. Many of them are legal and widely available. They also tend to produce very few side effects, are cheap to produce and buy and come with an array of benefits. One such benefit may be prolonged life if certain studies are to be believed.

The nootropic in the spotlight here is Piracetam, which is often used to boost memory and other cognitive functions. Users report feelings ranging from increased wakefulness and attention, to absolutely nothing at all. But there is evidence that it could help to improve the quality of life in people who have suffered traumatic events, as well as things such as strokes.

Due to its method of action and the positive effects that many users of this drug report, it may also help with senility and with mental decline. These issues are a major cause of premature death and if this drug can slow them down on its own or when used in combination with something else, then it could literally be a life saver.


This is a chemical that is found in black grapes, with high concentrations in the skin and the stalk of the grape. It has received a lot of media attention of late as the positive effects have only really been known for the last few years. Basically, the drug was given to rodents and scientists noted that they lived considerably longer than usual.

Not just by a few days either. We’re talking notable differences, so much so that if those results could transfer into humans then it could see us living to 150+ years. That’s the stuff of science fiction and a lot more needs to be done before we truly understand the potential of this drug but early signs are promising.

One of the misconceptions of resveratrol is that it is responsible for something known as the French Paradox. This term is used to describe a region in France where the locals eat a lot of butter and cream and drink a lot of red wine, and yet still live to ripe old ages, much more than the global average. However, to get a beneficial amount of resveratrol you would need to knock back at least a dozen bottles of wine, in which case the alcohol poisoning would kill you before the resveratrol had a chance at prolonging your life.

The best way to consume this drug, if indeed it proves to be effective in humans, is via a supplement. But more research needs to be done before we all start adding it to our diet.


Better known as the yellow powder found in most curries, turmeric is a cheap root. It looks a lot like ginger and it has similar properties. What’s more, we’e only just beginning to realize that turmeric, and most importantly an extract found within known as curcumin, can help with everything from inflammation to cancer.

There are some very promising studies being done on turmeric and its displaying some amazing cancer killing properties. Nutritionists are already recommending that we consume a regular amount of turmeric and it has also found its way into alternative medications designed for overall well being.

It’s a spice, not a drug, and that makes it even more promising. There are no side effects at small doses and it looks like only small doses may be needed to feel the positive effects. This is another case of more research needing to be done, but if the early signs continue to develop and this continues to look like the magic substance it seems to be, then it’ll be a matter of time before we all start taking it every day.


We have covered this drug before when we asked Is Melatonin Addictive? It is commonly used as a sleep aid and is noted for its effectiveness in combination with minimal side effects. There is a lot to like here and when you consider that many studies are being done on its ability to prolong human life, then you can understand why there is so much hype there about Melatonin right now.

According to researchers looking into this hormone, Melatonin may be able to protect against neurological aging. It is also a potent antioxidant, both of which could make this one of the most promising drugs to extend life. It’s also cheap and widely available, although if it turns out that it can indeed make us all live a little longer, then it will probably be a matter of time before those prices increase.

However, just like everything on his page, more research still needs to be done. It might be okay to consume small amounts of resveratrol and turmeric as they come from natural sources and from things humans have been consuming for many thousands of years. With Melatonin, however, it’s a little different.

It is a hormone that our bodies produce naturally, but more research needs to be done on the effects that synthetic melatonin can have on the body and on the long-term effects of over saturating the body with this hormone. So, bide your time but pay close attention to how these things are developing.

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  1. Tumeric works wonders. A while back, my boyfriend hurt his wrist and the swelling was intense. He swallowed raw tumeric in gelatin caps that we bought from Whole Foods. He even smeared some of the bright orange powder on his skin. Lo’ and behold, the swelling went down! We were unsure whether ingestion on mere application contributed to his healing, but the stuff totally works.

    As for melatonin, I regularly take that substance to aid in sleep. I think sleeping the whole night through is critical for longevity.

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