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Blood Drug Test: At Home Detox, How to Pass (NEW FOR 2018)

Blood Drug Test Detox

There’s a good chance that, at some point in your life, you’re going to face a drug test. And sometimes, that test is a blood drug test. If you’ve been using any type of drugs, you’re probably curious as to how you can “pass” a blood drug test.

Let’s take a look at what exactly is screened for in these tests. How often will you have to take one, and what’s the difference between a blood drug test, a urine drug test or others? Read on for everything you need to know about blood drug testing.

Do Companies Test Blood for Drugs?

Yes. Sometimes they do. There are generally three types of drug tests required by employers. The first is a pre-employment drug test. The second is an on-the job random screening. The third is a test you’ll have to take if your employer suspects that you’ve been using drugs on the job.

Pre-employment screening is frequently done with the use of a blood drug test. As it turns out, blood tests will tell employers a lot. Your blood drug screening will look for:

If you’re singled out for a drug test during employment, you’re also likely to get a blood drug test. In other words, if your employer suspects that you’ve been using, you can expect a blood test.

Random screenings are typically conducted by way of urine drug tests. They’re less expensive, less intrusive and test just about as accurately for most of the same substances.

Blood Drug Tests and Your Rights

You can refuse to take a blood drug test. No matter the situation, whether it’s employment, parole or arrest, you never have to take a blood drug test.

However, there are likely going to be consequences.

Let’s imagine you’ve been pulled over by a cop while you’re driving. The officer suspects you’re under the influence, and he orders a breathalyzer. You have the right to refuse. However, you’re probably going to be taken into custody.

Once you arrive at the police station for processing, the arresting officer will probably ask you to take a urine or a blood drug test. Again, you have the right to refuse. If you refuse, that will be used against you in court.

The same is true for parole. If you’re on parole and are required to take mandatory, random or scheduled drug tests, you can refuse. However, if you do refuse then you’ll be in non-compliance. This can mean contempt of court and could quite possibly lead to your arrest.

Pass a Blood Drug Test

Blood Drug Test

So, you’ve been using drugs and ordered to take a test. How do you pass a blood drug test? What do you do?

First of all, if you’re pulled by law enforcement, your best course of action is to be cooperative. The more cooperative you are in the beginning, the less likely you are to be subjected to a blood drug panel.

Blood drug tests are the most effective there are, with the exception, sometimes, of follicle tests. Taking a urine or breathalyzer test now may prevent you from taking a damning blood test later.

Second, there’s a really simple way to pass a blood drug test: don’t do drugs. We’re not being judgmental, but if you’ve got a scheduled blood test upcoming, just stop using drugs in advance of that test. If you’re unable to refrain from using drugs prior to your test, that’s an addictive behavior and you might consider seeking help for your addiction.

Blood drug tests are very effective and accurate, but only for a short period of time. The bottom line is that your body will metabolize the drugs in your system eventually. That usually happens within two days – not a long time to go without doing drugs.

As soon as you find out you’re going to have a blood drug test, stop using drugs and start drinking water.

Detox for Blood Drug Tests

At Home Drugs Test

There are products available to help you pass a blood drug test. But should you spend your money on them?

There’s no guarantee that detox products will work. But if you do choose to use one, choose a home detox program which also includes a testing kit. That way you can see the results, if any, of the detox and know what to expect when it’s time for your blood drug test.

If you’ve got a little bit of time before your drug test, remember – the drugs in your blood will be metabolized in just a couple of days. In the meantime, get plenty of exercise, get plenty of water and eat plenty of fiber. Your body will naturally begin to detox.

There are plenty of “remedies” which are recommended on the internet for passing a blood drug screening. And some of those are highly unsafe, even potentially fatal.

Do not drink bleach to detox your body. You will die.

There are other suggestions which may or may not work for you. We don’t recommend any specific detox products, but feel free to research reviews of these products from around the web.

At Home Blood Drug Tests

There are two groups of people who are primarily interested in at home blood drug tests: drug users and parents.

If you’re a drug user, an at-home blood drug test might be a useful tool for you. Taking one of these tests may help you to prepare for a test required by law enforcement or by your employer. You’ll have a general idea, in advance, of what your test results will be.

If you’re a parent who’s looking to order a blood drug test, be reasonable. Your kid may very well be on drugs. He may very well have drugs show up on his blood drug test. But there’s such thing as a false positive. Your perfectly innocent kid could quite easily fall victim to a faulty, cheap at home drug test.

If you suspect that your child is on drugs, why not try talking to him? If worse comes to worse and you feel as if you need to order a drug test, speak with your pediatrician about the best blood drug test for your child’s health and your specific situation.