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Drug Tests: What Are They, How to Pass and Buy Them

Drug Tests

Drug tests are common. You may find yourself required to take a drug test for a number of reasons; even shoplifting charges can carry a mandatory and immediate drug test. But how will law enforcement check for drugs in your system, and what are the different types of drug testing?

There are five drug tests which are considered standard. Law enforcement may require a test of your urine, your hair, your sweat, your blood or your saliva. We’ll talk about those each more in depth on Addictive Addiction, but let’s first look at the basics of drug testing.

How to Pass a Drug Test

The most commonly used method of drug testing is urine testing. It is, first and foremost, the least expensive for law enforcement. It’s also the easiest to conduct and will usually indicate drug use within the past week.

There’s no fail-proof way to pass a drug test if you have, in fact, been using drugs. Tests have become so advanced that what were formerly tried and true methods of passing a drug test are now useless. That said, if you know about your drug test in advance, you can simply prepare. Stop using drugs prior to your test if you’re able.

If you’re pulled over by the police and they suspect that you’re high, there are a few options. You’ll likely be required to take a test on the spot, and it’s most likely that it will be a urine test. Urine tests will indicate drugs which are currently in your system, but they will not measure levels.

If you’re given an option, and you’ve only used drugs once or twice, your best bet is to opt for a hair (follicle) test. Drugs which you’ve taken in the past two weeks are less likely to show up in a follicle test.

If you’re a heavy drug user, a hair test will not go well for you. Opt instead for a urine test, as this will result in the lowest concentration of drugs in your system.

How to Pass a Drug Test with Water

Pass Drug Tests

It’s not entirely possible to pass a drug test with water. But water will certainly help if you know when to expect your drug test.

There are a few things you need to remember about passing a drug test with water. First of all, it’s not guaranteed to work. Water will flush your system of some of the drugs you’ve ingested, but traces will likely still remain.

If you know when your drug test will be, such as in the case of an employer test or if you’re on probation, the best thing to do is abstain from drug use prior to the test. If you’ve made a mistake, and suspect that there may be drugs in your system, prepare your body the day before.

First drink plenty of water. The water will help to increase the likelihood of those drugs being flushed from our system. Secondly, take some Vitamin B or Niacin tablets the day before your test. These vitamins will help to make your urine a yellow color – any urine sample which is clear is likely to be rejected by law enforcement.

Finally, use the bathroom as much as possible prior to your test. Try lemon juice in your water, or coffee, as both serve as a natural diuretic. They’ll increase your urine levels, and will help to flush toxins from your system.

Drug Testing in the Workplace

If you’re required by your employer to take a mandatory drug test, you’ll usually have the benefit of knowing when that test will take place. You may not have the exact day, but employers will typically give you a heads up on a general timeframe.

There are two reasons why you may have to submit to an employer drug test. The first is that these are random and are usually covered in your employee handbook. In the United States, employers have a right to require random drug testing so long as these tests aren’t based on discrimination.

The second reason you may need a drug test is if your employer suspects that you’ve been using. In this case, he can single you out and send you to a drug testing facility.

There are two types of employer drug screenings: DOT drug tests and Non-DOT drug tests.

DOT Drug Test

The DOT drug test is a 5-panel test. These tests screen for marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines and methamphetamines and PCP. The DOT drug test is a program overseen by the US Department of Transportation, and it’s what’s used in most random and pre-employment drug screens.

The program was initially begun to ensure that safety-sensitive businesses are in compliance with drug testing. Shipping companies, the transportation industry, aviation companies and others fall under the “safety-sensitive” category. Now, however, the DOT drug test is standard for employers – if your job requires you to get a drug test, it will most likely be a DOT drug test.

10 Panel Drug Test

10 Panel Drug Test

A 10- panel drug test is a more thorough screen for drugs. The 10- panel drug test screens for all substances found with the DOT drug test. However, it will also detect barbiturates, propoxyphene, Quaaludes, methadone and benzodiazepines (like Valium).

It’s up to your employer which drug test he chooses, but it’s not likely that you’ll be subjected to a 10-panel test. Instead, the 10 panel drug test is used to screen law enforcement officers, civil servants or medical professionals. Furthermore, if you’re on probation it’s likely that you’ll take a 10 panel drug test.

What is Sure Jell Drug Test?

We’ve had a lot of questions about the Sure Jell drug test. First things first, let’s spell out exactly what Sure Jell is – it’s fruit pectin. Also sold as Certo, Sure Jell contains the same ingredients which are used to make jam.

Marijuana users use Sure Jell to detox before a drug test. We’ll not go into its efficacy here, but here’s how it’s said to work. The fruit pectin in this product binds to the bile in your body. THC, the chemical in marijuana, is stored in your body’s fat.

Normally what happens is that when bile binds with fat, it becomes water soluble. Fruit pectin, however, prevents this. So, since the THC is not water soluble, it doesn’t pass through your body as urine. Instead, it passed via defecation.

Drug Test Kits CVS: Are They Worth It?

In some cases, you may find yourself interested in the home testing kits available at CVS and other drug stores. Are they effective? What do they test for? If you suspect that someone you know is using drugs, you may be considering one of these kits.

Home drug testing kits are, by all accounts, fairly accurate. You’ll administer a test at home, which will give you an initial result. If the result is negative, you have nothing to worry about. If the drug test comes back positive, you’ll send the sample into a lab for testing.

At home drug test kits can screen for a variety of substances. Marijuana, cocaine, heroin, opiates like codeine, and other drugs are all detected using these kits. However, it’s important to note that these tests can sometimes result in a false positive. The detection of drugs in the system isn’t always indicative of a problem. Be sure to send the test in for further analysis.

Popular Jobs That Don’t Drug Test

Jobs That Drug Test

Today, most major companies will require a pre-employment drug test. Here, we’ll cover a few of the most commonly asked about. Bear in mind that while the employer may not routinely run drug tests, it’s still standard for most companies to allow themselves the “right” to random drug testing.

There are, however, a few companies which aren’t known to routinely drug test. They are:

• Gap
• Old Navy
• Twitter
• Starbucks
• Microsoft
• Apple

Jobs That Drug Test

In most cases, if you’re applying for a job in the following fields, you’ll have to submit to a drug test.

• Law enforcement
• Aviation
• Rail
• Government work
• Childcare and teaching jobs
• Construction/heavy machinery jobs

Does Petsmart Drug Test?

PetSmart employees have reported that the company routinely and randomly drug tests.

Does Aldi Drug Test?

Aldi conducts routine drug testing, pre-employment testing, and will test employees following a work-related accident.

Does Walmart Drug Test?

Walmart, like Aldi, will test for drugs prior to employment and following work-related accidents.

Does Home Depot Drug Test?

Home Depot will conduct a swab test (saliva) following employee orientation and following any accident at the workplace.

What Happens if You Fail a Drug Test?

If you find yourself subject to drug testing at work and you fail the test, your employment may be terminated. However, most United States employers have insurance in place. This insurance will allow for an employee to receive substance abuse counseling, free of charge.

If you’re drug tested by law enforcement, and you fail the test, there’s not much you can do. Different drugs will carry different charges. Your best option is to seek the help of an attorney to get your charges reduced as much as possible.