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Directory (Mental Health and Drug Abuse Websites)

We try to help you out where we can here on Addictive Addiction. We’ve covered a wealth of articles relating to drug abuse, addiction, withdrawals and more. We have also covered many mental illnesses to ensure you are well informed about both of these things.

But we can’t do everything. We certainly try, and you can find a vast number of articles on this site. But there are many more sites out there that can help you to fill in the gaps as we continue to put this site together and to grow it into the largest mental health and drug addiction on the internet.

List of Top Mental Health and Drug Abuse Sites

Mental Health Sites

To learn more about mental illness and substance abuse in the United States, you can just read through the many articles we have on this site. If you need a little more, then refer to the links below. All of these point to official highly respected sources that we use ourselves.

Drug Abuse (Link Drug Abuse Gov)

The National Institute on Drug Abuse is a great resource for anyone interested in learning about this subject. It looks at the effects of drug abuse on American society and is a great source for facts, stats and more relating to this epidemic. We use this site a lot ourselves and are also digging into it to find studies that we can quote and research papers that we can read.

And with a wealth of research papers and studies on the impact of drug addiction on the brain, on the family and on modern society, that’s a motto they live up to. There is no shortage of great content to be found on this website and you can spend hours browsing through it.

Medical News Today (Link to Medical News Today)

Since 2003 MNT has been a top site for anyone looking to stay on top of the latest news relating to mental illness, drug abuse and more. This link in particular concerns drug addiction, looking at the symptoms of addiction, the symptoms of withdrawal and more.

We have covered mental illnesses extensively on this site as well. We have pages on everything from major depressive disorder to bipolar disorder and more. That’s because drug abuse and mental illnesses are so tightly interwoven. They rarely exist independently of one another and that’s why it is always wise to stay informed regarding both of them.

Psychology Today (Link to Psychology Today)

Drug Abuse Sites

This site has always been a source for great news and opinion pieces concerning psychology. It covers things of an academic nature in a way that is easy to read and easy to digest. This makes Psychology Today the perfect resource for anyone interested in this subject as a hobby. The linked article points to their section on addiction, which itself points to many other addiction-related articles throughout the site.

PT is a top site for anyone interested in psychology, addiction and more. This article in particular links to their guide on addiction. It’s not a long article, but it makes for a great foundation for the rest of the website. There are many great articles on the impact of addiction, the effects that it has on your brain, the difficulties of withdrawal, and so much more.

Center for Disease Control (Link to CDC)

This is a link for the Centers for Disease Control, an agency that looks at toxins, poisons and related substances. The guide in the link is all about drug addiction. It looks at it from the perspective of a counselor, providing advice on what to do with an addict, how to treat them and what to expect from them.

There is more to this site than poison information as well. You can find out about recalls, dangerous substances making their way across the United States, and much more. You can also learn about how to act if you think you have consumed poison, and what the symptoms of certain poisons might be. In a world where street drugs and drugs bought from illicit producers overseas are so common, this info is essential to have onboard.


This is short for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. It is the leading organization for mental health and substance abuse problems in the United States. They organize a number of events throughout the year to help raise funds and awareness and they have done more to help addicts and mental health sufferers than any other organization in the country.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration is one of the best known organizations in the country, and the biggest one when it comes to dealing with drug addiction and mental health issues. It is an organization that does a lot of work with mental health sufferers and substance abusers across the country, raising funds, awareness and more.

Recovery Month (Link to Recovery Month)

Addiction Sites

This is one of the events organized by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Throughout the month of September they organize events and look to people in the community to do the same. To get involved, just pay a visit to this website and see what is available in your local area. Everyone can join in, everyone can create their own events.

It’s a great way to do your bit for a problem that is growing out of hand and a problem that organizations like SAMSHA are working hard to fix. If you want to do your bit to support the work of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, then this is your chance. Recovery Month runs throughout the month of September. It was organized by the SAMSHA to raise awareness and they invite everyone to get involved with it.

You can prepare well in advance. In fact, that’s the best thing to do as it can be difficult to arrange anything close to the time. So, make sure you will have some free time, do some preliminary work and then book your September to make a change for the better.

Medicine Plus (Link to MedicinePlus)

This is a magazine that is published by the NIH, which is the organization that owns the DrugAbuse website mentioned above. Like DrugAbuse, this is a great resource providing a wealth of information relating to drug addiction and substance abuse. There is information surrounding medications that you can use to make withdrawals easier, as well as info on everything from heroin addiction to marijuana addiction and more.

Don’t be afraid of using medications to help with your addiction and don’t be ashamed of it either. However, know that you should never substitute one addiction for another and that you should always be very careful. That is why it is important to be informed and it’s why sites like this are so important to addicts around the world.