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Which Celebrities Smoke Weed (Seth Macfarlane, Drake, Drydek, Rogan, Obama, Sandler and More)

Celebrities That Smoke Weed

Some celebs enjoy an occasional smoke, some are hardened advocates of the legalization of marijuana, some are as anti-drug as it’s possible to be. When it comes to celebs and marijuana there are a lot of readers asking questions out there and we’ll address some of them in this article, asking does Seth Rogan (and countless others) smoke weed?

Before we get into it, it’s worth noting that what follows is just speculation based on previous media reports. We’re offering opinions on whether or not these celebs partake in an occasional joint and can’t say for sure whether they do or not (except in rare circumstances, as stated below).

Does Seth Macfarlane Smoke Weed?

Seth McFarlane has been known to write characters that have enjoyed the occasional joint, including Brian from Family Guy. In fact, many Family Guy episodes revolve around the drug, including one that supports legalization.

It’s not just his characters that speak out for the drug either as he has spoken out for legalization in the past himself and has also admitted to enjoying the occasional smoke.

Does Usain Bolt Smoke Weed?

Does Usain Bolt Smoke Weed?
Bolt has admitted to trying marijuana in his youth, as many kids have. However, he is unlikely to be a regular smoker. Athletes have to undergo strict drug testing and marijuana would be a risk that no athlete would take. After all, it would only hamper their performance and yet they would still risk falling foul of doping regulations.

As an adult he claims to have never smoked weed or taken other drugs. In fact, in a 2009 interview he said that no one close to him smokes and that he would not hangout with anyone who smoked either.

Does Seth Rogan Smoke Weed?

Seth Rogan has been pretty open about his marijuana use. He can be seen smoking marijuana in many of the films he features in and he has also been outspoken about it in the past. There are reports that he even smokes while directing and writing, using it to help him with the creative process.

It doesn’t work for everyone, of course, and for many marijuana actually has the opposite effect, making them tired and unfocused, but it certain works for Seth as he is one of the best film comics of his generation and always pulls in big numbers at the box office.

Does Tyler the Creator Smoke Weed?

Tyler admits to smoking and eating weed in the past. But he has also said that a time he ate a weed brownie gave him one of the worst experiences of his life, bad enough to turn him away from the drug. He admits to having a low tolerance for drugs, saying that even some OTC drugs make him a little high.

Does Snoop Dogg Smoke Weed?

Snoop Dogg is a proud advocate of marijuana legalization. The rapper has been very open about his use of weed in the past and is one of the biggest smokers in hip hop. Recognized as one of the original legends of the genre, Snoop Dogg has inspired countless other stars and remains as laid-back, cool and inspirational as he has always been.

Does Drake Smoke Weed?

Does Drake Smoke Weed?

Rappers tend to rap about smoking weed and taking drugs, but Drake is not really one of those. The drug rarely features in his music, but he has made claims about smoking the drug “moderately” in the past. There are also allegations about him getting too stoned to perform in the past.

Does Kendrick Lamar Smoke Weed?

Kendrick Lamar is said to have smoked and drank as a teenager growing up in Compton, but after a bad trip and some advice from his father he gave up the drugs. These days Lamar says he doesn’t smoke or take any other kind of drug.

Does Rob Dyrdek Smoke Weed?

Dyrdek once tweeted, “I don’t do drugs at all. Everyone seems to think I smoke weed for some reason”. This is a good chance that this was said tongue-in-cheek though. There is an interview where he apparently admits to smoking weed with Snoop Dogg and this video is often referenced in answer to this question, but the truth is the video doesn’t actually mention this and it’s just a somewhat misleading title.

He may smoke weed, he may not. Many of his fans insist that he does and there are certainly a lot of references and hints out there to confirm this, but there is very little actual proof.

Does Obama Smoke Weed?

Does Obama Smoke Weed?

The former president of the United States once admitted to smoking weed when he was in college. It is something he has been fairly open and honest about and he seems to have a relaxed stance on this drug. According to some sources he was in a group of friends in college that were well known for smoking on a regular basis.

The only thing we can say for certain, however, is that he did smoke it at least once in the past.

Does Adam Sandler Smoke Weed?

There are many reports online that Adam Sandler has smoked weed or does smoke weed. However, there seem to be no interviews in which this is confirmed so it’s hard to say for sure. There’s a good chance that people are just assuming he smokes based on the fact that he is known to have friends who are in the business and have admitted to smoking weed, as well as the fact that he’s played the role of a laid-back stoner more than once in his career.

That doesn’t mean he does smoke weed, of course, and for all we know he might be as anti-drug as they come.

Does Eminem Smoke Weed?

Does Eminem Smoke Weed?

Eminent has had drug problems in the past. He has admitted to problems with pills, including Valium and Vicodin. However, the rapper is now sober and has been clean since 2008. He says that he has been more productive than ever since he stopped using drugs and as far as we know, he is including weed in that.

Does Mark Wahlberg Smoke Weed?

Mark Wahlberg has admitted to smoking weed in the past, but he claimed to have stopped during his rise up the Hollywood ranks. He said he stopped smoking for his kids, which suggests that he may have been a heavy smoker prior to that.

In 2011 he gave an interview in which he said that he decided to stop the day his daughter smelled weed in his car and remarked that her daddy “Sometimes smells like that”.

Does Ariana Grande Smoke Weed?

There are still images taken from a video that seem to show Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande smoking weed. These caused a stir a few years ago with fans of the pair and it has increased speculation that they both smoke weed. But it’s hard to confirm. What we can say with certainty is that they wouldn’t be open about it if they did, considering they have very young fans and are role models to many kids worldwide.

They may joke about it, because they are still young and being a role model doesn’t preclude them from having a little fun, but it’s unlikely that they would open up about smoking it.

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