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Help with Addiction

We believe that all addicts deserve help and that no one is a lost cause. Until you have experienced drug or alcohol addiction for yourself it’s hard to put yourself in their position and to say that you would do one thing or another. You can’t really understand just what an addict goes through and just how difficult it is to stop and to make a change until you have been there yourself.

That’s why our writers and editors have first-hand experience of just how difficult addiction can be, especially when mental illness and other problems are thrown into the mix. Our help with addiction section is a perfect example of that as here you will find information that has been provided by former addicts with the goal of helping current ones. We discuss the things that you won’t find on generic health sites, the things that your doctors might not tell you and we are able to approach these topics in such a manner because we know exactly what addicts are going through.

So, take a look at our articles and our guides and see if you can find the help that you need to get through these difficult times.

The 7 Most Common Relapse Triggers

Addiction is rarely a long and straight road and an addict is hardly ever someone who refuses to give-up and has never tried. In fact, the vast majority of long-term addicts have tried to give-up many times, but have either shied at the first sight of withdrawal, or have relapsed …

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6 Things To Know About Outpatient Detox

Outpatient Detox

A relatively new but increasingly popular option, outpatient detox programs are medically managed, safe, and affordable alternatives to inpatient detox. Outpatient programs allow those struggling with addiction to get the help they need while still allowing them the freedom to attend to their existing responsibilities. Patients still attend therapy sessions …

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