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Drug Culture

Learn all about drug culture here on Addictive Addiction. This is a section that covers a wealth of drug culture information. We use this category to inform you about communities, art, literature, music and everything else associated with drug culture now and in the past.

This section is also home to information on street names. There are many names used on the street that just aren’t use in any official contexts. This can cause confusion for inexperienced users and they often end up Googling strange names. They use spellings that are wrong, names that are niche, and as a result, they struggle to find the answer they seek. In this section we aim to clarify a few things in that regard, which in turn should help to make the world a safer place for recreational drug users.

Of course, we don’t advocate drug use in any form. We’re not here to promote these drugs. It is merely our goal to make sure you are as safe and as informed as you can be if you do decide to use them.

Does Gambling Lead to Drug Addiction?

Substance abuse and gambling go hand in hand. Not only are problem gamblers more likely to abuse drugs or alcohol, but someone under the influence is more likely to take risks and to partake in things like gambling. You only need to look to Las Vegas, and to the state …

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Famous Drug Lords and Kingpins (Mexican, Columbian)

We usually concern ourselves with addiction and abuse on Addictive Addiction, but in this article we’re looking into drug lords in Mexico, Colombia and even Europe, seeing what it takes to be a drug kingpin, how much money they make and how they eventually get caught. They say that crime …

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