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Adrafinil Reviews (Our Review, Experiences, Liver Issues, Heath Dangers)

Adrafinil Reviews

On this Adrafinil reviews page we’ll put this nootropic the spotlight once again and ask what people think of it.

We have our own Adrafinil reviews, exclusive to Addictive Addiction and we have also summarized reviews from users around the world and from many fans of this website. As usual this is an unbiased report. However, it’s worth noting that because of the status of this drug, as well as the health concerns that have been raised about it (as discussed on our main Adrafinil page) we were a bit dubious about its proposed benefits and worried about the potential harm it could cause.

Adrafinil Reviews

Adrafinil may have been discontinued by the main manufacturers back in 2011, but this drug is still available on many sites and is being sold without regulations through the US and Canada, as well as in many countries worldwide. Most of the reviewers who spoke to us had used this product as recently as 2016 and 2017, with many using a generic brand of some kind.

On the whole, Adrafinil reviews are very positive. This drug has always been considered to be the less impressive cousin of Modafinil, yet it has been well received for the most part. There are some reports of side effects, but the majority of the Adrafinil reviews we have received have been positive and many of the negative ones revolve around it not working.

We have our doubts about the positive Adrafinil reviews purely because many of them seem to be reporting “slight” feelings of wakefulness and focus. This is the sort of thing that the placebo effect could account for, which is something that a few Adrafinil reviews have noticed and something that our own Adrafinil review (below) makes a point of mentioning.

At the same time though, there are people who swear by Adrafinil for studying, for getting through late shifts and for any other late night, hard-working activity.

Our Adrafinil Review 1

Adrafinil Review

I work a lot, often as much as 15 hours a day and never less than 100 hours a week. I usually use vast amounts of coffee to get me through and I’ll also admit to using a few recreational drugs like gabapentin, codeine and marijuana from time to time. It’s the only way I can stay awake and focused. When I discovered Adrafinil, it seemed like the perfect drug.

I read the marketing, I believed it and I wanted to try it. I actually acquired a couple years after it had been banned. The fact that it had been banned should have warned me against it, but there didn’t seem to be any major reason it was banned and I was desperately seeking something that could help me through those long nights.

At worst, I thought I would come away from this experience with a few bad side effects that would force me to stop taking it. I figured that it would be a toss-up between pros and cons and would leave me having to decide whether the side effects I experienced were worth the benefits it brought. But in all honesty, there was none of either.

Beyond a little extra alertness, I didn’t really feel anything positive, and beyond the occasional irritability and anxiety (not uncommon for a caffeine addict, codeine user and former nicotine addict) I didn’t feel anything negative. In fact, the symptoms I did feel could easily be attributed to placebo effect. I tried Adrafinil for a few days, waiting for something, but nothing came.

So, my Adrafinil review is a little pointless to say the least. For me, it just didn’t work. The good thing is that I didn’t experience any horrible effects; the bad thing is that I didn’t experience any positive ones either.

Our Adrafinil Review 2

I used Adrafinil for studying. It seemed like the perfect alternative to illegal drugs like meth and Adderall. It wasn’t incredibly dangerous, I didn’t believe it was addictive and yet it would get the job done. Or so I was led to believe.

I was guilty of the old belief, “It’s legal, so it won’t harm me”. This is a belief that is decreasing, thanks to the damage done by many designer drugs. And thanks to Adrafinil, it’s a belief I no longer hold.

For the most part, Adrafinil just made me anxious and jittery. Nothing that high doses of energy drugs wouldn’t do and that jitteriness did feel cleaner, or rather it did until the stomach pains started. They weren’t bad in the beginning and I didn’t associate them with the Adrafinil, but as time went on they got worse and after reading that this was a common side effect, I stopped.

It wasn’t a terrible experience and there were some merits. Namely, I didn’t feel like I needed to sleep as much and I did get more done, but not by a great deal and I didn’t feel like it improved by creativity to any degree. If anything, it stunted it. Also, it’s worth noting that I have Tourette’s. Not a serious form of the disorder, there are no vocal tics, but enough to cause me distress when I am stressed and/or tired.

A few drugs can make Tourette’s worse, including high levels of opiates, but nothing has come close to Adrafinil. This really did trigger rather aggressive bouts of tics and that was another huge factor in me stopping this drug.

Adrafinil Experiences

Adrafinil Experiences

You’ll have to look pretty long and hard to find any Adrafinil reviews that report extremely negative reactions. Trust us, we looked. But it seems that at smaller doses, it’s fairly safe and there are little to no negative side effects. It may be a different story at larger doses, but we found that many users who were consuming significant quantities of Adrafinil were also taking other substances for the same purpose, including other nootropics, as well as stimulants.

In all cases, it’s worth noting that there are some potentially serious issues with Adrafinil. Whether you will find these commonly listed under Adrafinil reviews or not is irrelevant, because they definitely exist. This is not a completely safe drug, nothing is. You are still playing Russian Roulette by embarking on a course of Adrafinil and you have to ask yourself if it’s worth it to do so.

If you have any preexisting conditions, sensitivities or allergies, then you should probably give this one a miss altogether. If you are generally well tolerant of stimulants and nootropics, then you might be safe, but nothing is guaranteed.

Adrafinil: Powder or Capsules

Many users of Adrafinil prefer to use powder simply because it is cheaper and allows for more exacting doses. It is also easier to “Stack”, which is common in heavy nootropic users. If you are using powder it is crucial to get the dose right down to the last milligram.

So, get yourself some digital scales and weigh out every single dose. Don’t rely on teaspoons, it’s far too risky and one mistake, one lack of foresight could lead to serious complications.