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Addiction and Abuse

This is the main section of the Addictive Addiction website. It’s where it all began and where we focus most of our articles. “Addiction” is in our name after all, so it only makes sense.

On this section you will find guides that cover all kinds of addictions, and we really mean all kinds. As well as drug addictions like heroin and meth, you will also find information on some often overlooked addictions like sugar addiction, as well as internet addiction.

How to Browse Our Addiction and Abuse Guides

This is a menu page of sorts, but the purpose of this page is not to link to all of the guides like we have on addiction or abuse. Many of the hyperlinks quoted here will take you to articles on certain addictions, but the best way to search is to use the menu above. Just hover over Addiction and Abuse, see what pops-up and then click on the guide you’re looking for.

You can also use the search function found on the main page of the Addictive Addiction website. This search function will show you every single page, post, tag page and category page relating to your search query and it is a great way to see what we have to say about it.

What You Will Find in this Section

This section is all about how addictions are formed, what point abuse lead stop addiction, and what damage they can do. So many addicts start out thinking that a few tablets won’t hurt them, so many of them relapse because they don’t truly understand the danger that their chosen addiction can do.

Information is an essential part of keeping these addictions to a minimum and limiting the damage that they do.

Issues with Addiction

The main sign of addiction is excessive use of the drug or the activity. Addicts will also feel the need to use in order to “stop the sickness” or to “stop the urge”, which means they keep topping up their dose in order to stave off the withdrawals.

An addict may also be malnourished, forgoing a healthy lifestyle to focus entirely on the acquisition and use of the drug/activity. If they are addicted to drugs like heroin then they may have serious issues like collapsed veins. If they are addicted to an activity like gaming or the internet they may have suffered financially, they may have not left the house, and they may be very socially inept.

One of the other issues with street drugs is that you can never be sure just what’s in the substance you are taking, and when you consider that an increase in potency and quantity could lead to overdose and death for drugs like heroin, you begin to understand just why so many addicts die every year. In fact, in the two years between 2012 and 2014, close to 1,000 people died from heroin/morphine just in England and Wales.

Requesting Addiction and Abuse Articles

At the time of launch we had over a dozen comprehensive guides on these subjects, after which more were launched with each passing day. If you can’t find the info you’re looking for just yet then wait, it could be just a matter of time before we cover it. You can also get in touch with us and let us know what it is you want to read about.

You can find details on how to do this on our Contact Page. Of course, you can also write them yourself and then submit them to the Addictive Addiction website. If you want to do this and to write content for this website then take a look at our guidelines on the Write For Us page.