Welcome to Addictive Addiction, your source for everything related to drugs and substance abuse, as well as the mental illnesses so commonly associated with them. The goal of this site is to educate, inform and to offer a unique perspective. We are an unbiased wiki. We’re not like the medical sites that warn you against using drugs; we’re not like the counterculture sites that advocate their use.

Welcome to Addictive Addiction

Our only goal is to provide you with the information that is out there, to provide an unbiased and objectionable standpoint, and to let you make your own mind up. If you have an addiction and are looking for some information, we can help. If you’re worried about withdrawals, are desperate for a detox or need some help with a drug test, we can point you towards the things that work and the things that don’t.

Unlike many other sites that cover these subjects, we are not biased because we are not tied to a medical group, a government organization, a rehab clinic or a site looking to offload everything from detox drinks and detox pills, to synthetic drugs. We’re everything those sites are not, everything they should be and everything that readers want to see.

What is the Purpose of Addictive Addiction?

There are many reasons that we do what we do. The main one is to spread vital information about common disorders and addictions. We know that this information is already out there, but we also know that a lot of it is biased, ill-informed, incorrect or simply too short.

We know that this information is already out there, but we also know that a lot of it is biased, ill-informed, incorrect or simply too short
Addictive Addiction.

Don’t get us wrong, we use those sites ourselves and we appreciate the incredible work the do. They have helped to make millions of people more informed about this subject and that’s essential in saving lives. We often link and refer to these sites and we have even listed our favorites in our directory. However, we just felt that we could offer something different, something that is more direct and personal, while still being educational and informative.

In researching for this site we found that many of the commonly asked questions about certain disorders and drug addictions just weren’t being answered clearly enough by the biggest sites. And when they were, it was clear that the purpose of these sites was to warn you away from drug use at all costs.

We understand that drug addiction is unpleasant and we never advocate it. However, people take drugs because it makes them feel good. It makes them forget about certain issues in their lives. They may smoke cannabis because they believe in the health benefits, or take certain opiates because it cures pain they thought was incurable.

Most drugs are bad, we get that, but not all drug use is negative. Addictive Addiction was created as a way of bisecting the black and the white and offering a little neutrality on a topic that is often heavily biased.

Who Runs Addictive Addiction?

Another reason we created this site is because we think it is important that the people writing about certain disorders and drug addictions have experienced those issues themselves. Many of the writers here on Addictive Addiction have dealt with their own personal demons.

We are writers, researchers and experts, and this allows them to provide an objectionable and educated standpoint. But we are also former users and current users; we are people who have firsthand experience of dealing with addiction, withdrawal, detox and with many different mental health disorders.

We don’t claim to have suffered from every disorder and addiction discussed herein, but we can certainly provide a unique perspective that we believe is lacking elsewhere.

Where Next?

If you take a look at the toolbar above then you’ll see several main menus linking to the main areas of this website. These include pages on addiction, including everything from opiates like codeine and heroin, to cannabis, the Internet and more.

You’ll also find pages on detox, withdrawal and recovery. This is not an easy process regardless of what you’re addicted to. But we’ll try to provide the information that you need to make it more comfortable, while answering the questions that you can’t find anywhere else.

Addictive Addiction has also covered many subjects pertaining to mental health disorders. Some of these commonly co-occur with substance abuse, while others can be a direct result of that abuse. It is no coincidence that substance abuse and mental health disorders are so closely connected and it is these connections that we discuss.

You will also find pages relating to certain drug effects; potential miraculous cures; and more. We cover topics such as codeine cough syrup and other OTC products, looking into how this epidemic is affecting lawmakers and users on both sides of the Atlantic; medical marijuana, which is saving lives and easing pain every day; and so much more.

The “Categories” in the sidebar and the Breaking News link above will also point you towards shorter, more topical articles also relating to drugs. The goal of these is to entertain as well as to inform. These pieces pickup on trends, FAQ topics and other interesting subjects. You’ll find listicles, fun facts and much more.

One More Thing

So, start clicking and start enjoying Addictive Addiction now. We have worked very hard to make this site what it is. We have poured heart and soul into every piece of code, every guide and every inch of the layout. On launch day we had tens of thousands of words covering all kinds of content. In the first few weeks we looked to double this again and again, creating exponential growth.

We don’t claim to have suffered from every disorder and addiction discussed herein, but we can certainly provide a unique perspective that we believe is lacking elsewhere – Addictive Addiction.

The site hasn’t stopped growing since then. And if you continue to read it and provide us with a reason to keep writing,  the content will just keep coming.

If you have a question, a topic that you’d like us to cover or something to add to one of our FAQs, click onto our Contact page. If you want to see where we stand in regards to cookies, responsibility and third-party use, check our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy.

After that, the only thing left to do is enjoy!